Wedding Photography Styles: Ideas For Clueless Brides

A crucial component of any wedding celebration is wedding photography. It immortalizes the sentiments, feelings, and priceless moments that will never fade. Selecting the ideal photographic style for your wedding is essential because it determines the look & feel of your wedding album. There are many different wedding photography styles available, each with distinctive qualities and a different creative approach. We will examine the various wedding photography styles in this post and assist you in selecting the ideal one for your memorable day. Conventional wedding photography, alternatively referred to as classic or posed, represents the most widely used & established style.

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding photography styles range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.
  • Traditional photography captures classic moments, while photojournalistic photography tells a story.
  • Fine art photography creates artistic images, while documentary photography captures candid and authentic moments.
  • Contemporary photography is modern and creative, while vintage photography is nostalgic and timeless.
  • When choosing a wedding photography style, consider your personal preferences and the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

It entails taking posed and formal pictures of the wedding party, the couple, and their families. The photographer guides the subjects to make sure they are all in the best possible positions and appearances. This type of photography focuses on preserving important moments like the first kiss, the cake cutting, and the vow exchange. The pictures frequently have a classic, timeless feel to them and are well-lit.

For couples who would like a more formal and structured approach to their wedding album, traditional wedding photography is ideal. The ability to record all the significant moments in a planned & controlled manner is one advantage of selecting traditional wedding photography. Everyone looks their best in the posed photos, which also have a timeless and classic quality. Some couples, however, might find this approach too rigid & instead favor a more open and organic one. The goal of photojournalistic wedding photography, sometimes referred to as documentary or reportage photography, is to capture natural, unscripted moments.

By capturing real emotions and interactions and chronicling the day as it happens, the photographer tells a story. In order to tell a story through photos, this style seeks to convey the spirit and feel of the wedding. Every moment is captured authentically, from the bride’s anxious excitement as she gets ready to the emotional moments during the ceremony and the joyful celebrations at the reception. One advantage of selecting photojournalistic wedding photography is that it allows for the authentic and unplanned moments to be captured. The genuine feelings of the day are captured in the photos, which have a relaxed, natural vibe. Some couples, though, might think that this genre falls short of their ideal posed & formal images.

Wedding Photography Style Percentage of Couples Who Prefer Popular Locations Price Range
Traditional 35% Churches, Ballrooms, Gardens 1,500 – 3,000
Photojournalistic 45% Beaches, Parks, Rooftops 2,500 – 5,000
Fine Art 15% Museums, Vineyards, Castles 4,000 – 8,000
Vintage 5% Barns, Farms, Historic Buildings 2,000 – 4,000

Producing artistic and visually striking images is the main goal of fine art wedding photography. To capture the beauty and elegance of the wedding day, the photographer employs creative techniques like unusual angles, imaginative lighting, & artistic compositions. These photographs are timeless and creative because this style frequently combines elements of editorial and fashion photography. The goal of fine art wedding photography is to produce pictures that not only look good but also stir up feelings and tell a narrative.

A beautiful and artistic collection of genuinely one-of-a-kind wedding photos is one of the benefits of selecting fine art photography. A visually stunning wedding album is the outcome of the photos’ exceptional inventiveness and attention to detail. Nonetheless, couples who opt for simpler & more conventional photos might not find this aesthetic appealing. Real and genuine moments are captured throughout the wedding day in documentary wedding photography, commonly referred to as candid or natural photography. Taking a detached stance, the photographer lets the action happen organically without interfering.

By using this approach, the couple & their guests hope to convey their true feelings, conversations, and responses. Every moment, from the tears & laughter during the speeches to the unplanned moments on the dance floor, is captured in all of its beauty. Authentic and unscripted moments can be captured, which is one of the benefits of going with documentary wedding photography. The photos capture the genuine spirit of the wedding day in an unposed & unposed manner. But, some couples might think that the formal, posed photos they want are missing from this style.

Photojournalistic and traditional aspects of wedding photography are combined with contemporary & artistic elements to create a unique style. The photographer creates visually arresting & artistic images by utilizing inventive techniques, unusual angles, and imaginative compositions. In order to produce visually striking images, this style frequently makes use of props, inventive lighting, and unusual settings. The goal of contemporary wedding photography is to push the envelope and produce fresh, unique, and edgy photos. The production of cutting-edge, imaginative, and visually arresting images is one advantage of selecting contemporary wedding photography.

The photos exhibit a high degree of artistic and creative flair, making the wedding album unique from the others. Nonetheless, some couples might find this approach too unusual and instead favor a more conventional one. An elegant and timeless look from bygone eras is what vintage wedding photography attempts to capture. The photographer creates photographs with a vintage & romantic feel by utilizing techniques inspired by the past, such as soft focus, film grain, & sepia tones. For added vintage appeal, this style frequently uses props from the past, like typewriters, suitcases, and cameras. Creating pictures that make the viewer feel nostalgic and take them back in time is the goal of vintage wedding photography.

The ability to create timeless, sentimental photos with a romantic, vintage vibe is one of the benefits of selecting vintage wedding photography. The photographs possess a distinct and artistic quality, culminating in a wedding album that is genuinely unique. A more modern approach might be preferred by some couples, who feel that this style is too particular. Capturing the beauty and essence of the wedding venue is the main goal of destination wedding photography. The photographer creates beautiful and breathtaking images by utilizing the architecture, landscapes, and natural surroundings. To capture the destination in all its splendor, this style frequently combines wide-angle photos, aerial photography, and unusual viewpoints.

Destination wedding photography seeks to immortalize the beauty and distinctiveness of the setting in addition to the couple. Capturing the beauty and soul of the wedding venue is one of the benefits of selecting destination wedding photography. Travel and exploration are the couple’s passions, and this is reflected in the photos’ feeling of adventure and wanderlust. Nonetheless, some couples might feel that this approach is overly location-focused and would rather take a more conventional approach. The goal of black and white wedding photography is to produce sophisticated, classic pictures using grayscale, white, and black tones.

The lack of color draws the viewer’s attention to the image’s details, emotions, & expressions. The contrast, texture, and tonal range of the image are frequently enhanced by this style, producing dramatic and artistic images. A timeless, tasteful, and classic look is the goal of black and white wedding photography.

Creating classy, timeless photographs with an artistic, timeless quality is one of the benefits of going with black and white wedding photography. The lack of color enables the spectator to concentrate on the feelings & details present in the picture. Some couples, however, might find this monochromatic approach too much and instead like a more lively and colorful one.

There are various things to take into account when selecting a wedding photography style:

1. Personal Style

Take into account your aesthetic tastes & personal style. Select a look that captures your essence and the way you envision your wedding day.

2. Wedding Theme

Give your wedding’s theme and design some thought. Select a photography approach that elevates and harmonizes with your wedding’s overall design.

3. Photographer’s Portfolio

Examine the prior work & portfolio of the photographer. Take note of their composition, style, & aptitude for capturing moments and feelings.

4. Talk about your vision, expectations, and preferences with prospective photographers through communication.

Make sure that both of you understand your needs & that they share your vision.

5. Knowledge

Take into account the photographer’s background and proficiency in the selected genre. Examine past client endorsements & reviews to make sure they are reputable & produce high-quality work.

Selecting the ideal wedding photography style is crucial since it determines the look and feel of your wedding album. It’s possible to find a wedding photography style that complements your personality & wedding day vision, regardless of your preference for a formal, posed, documentary, or creative approach.

Spend some time researching various looks, getting to know possible photographers, & deciding on a look that appeals to you. It is important to keep in mind that your wedding album will be treasured for many years to come, so pick a layout that best conveys the beauty, feelings, and memories of your big day.

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FAQs: Wedding Photography Styles

What are the different wedding photography styles?

There are several wedding photography styles, including traditional, photojournalistic, fine art, fashion, and cinematic.

What is traditional wedding photography?

Traditional wedding photography involves posed and staged shots of the couple and their families. The photographer typically directs the subjects and arranges them in a formal manner.

What is photojournalistic wedding photography?

Photojournalistic wedding photography captures candid moments and tells a story of the wedding day. The photographer takes a documentary approach and captures the events as they unfold.

What is fine art wedding photography?

Fine art wedding photography is a style that emphasizes artistic expression and creativity. The photographer uses unique angles, lighting, and composition to create visually stunning images.

What is fashion wedding photography?

Fashion wedding photography is a style that incorporates elements of fashion photography into wedding photography. The photographer focuses on creating stylish and glamorous images of the couple.

What is cinematic wedding photography?

Cinematic wedding photography is a style that uses techniques from filmmaking to create a cinematic look and feel. The photographer may use slow-motion, time-lapse, and other techniques to create a dramatic effect.

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