31 Small Wedding Venues In The San Francisco Bay Area

Are you planning your dream wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area? You’re in for a treat! This area is full of beautiful small wedding venues perfect for intimate gatherings. You can choose from rustic wineries to elegant historic buildings, fitting every style and budget.

small wedding venues in the san francisco bay area

Imagine having a micro wedding or elopement in a stunning location. These venues are the perfect spot for your big day. Let’s dive into 32 magical places that will make your small wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area unforgettable.

Markham Vineyards

Markham Vineyards is in the heart of Napa Valley. It’s perfect for an intimate wedding. The winery has a charming stone cellar and beautiful grounds, great for a wine country wedding.

Your wedding day can be in many beautiful spots. The outdoor area has big lawns and colorful gardens, great for sunny vows. Or, choose the stone cellar for a rustic, historic feel.

Markham Vineyards is great for small weddings. It offers a personal and intimate setting. You can plan your day, from casual to elegant, among the vines.

Venue Feature Details
Capacity Up to 100 guests
Ceremony Locations Outdoor gardens, Stone cellar
Reception Areas Barrel room, Courtyard
Amenities Wine tasting, On-site coordination

Choosing Markham Vineyards means embracing Napa Valley’s beauty. Your guests will love tasting great wines and enjoying the stunning views. It’s a place that makes memories last forever.

Forbes Island

Imagine saying “I do” on a floating paradise in San Francisco’s Bay. Forbes Island is a one-of-a-kind venue that will amaze your guests. It’s a man-made island among the city’s top spots for weddings, offering a maritime experience like no other.

When you arrive at Forbes Island, you’re welcomed by lush palm trees and a beautiful lighthouse. The island has stunning views of the city skyline and Alcatraz. It’s perfect for both small, intimate weddings and big celebrations.

The island has several spots for your event:

  • A charming dining room with nautical decor
  • An outdoor terrace perfect for cocktail hour
  • A cozy bar area for mingling
  • The lighthouse, offering breathtaking views of the bay

Forbes Island is a private island just minutes from Pier 39. It’s perfect for couples wanting a memorable San Francisco experience by the bay.

Feature Details
Capacity Up to 100 guests
Views San Francisco skyline, Alcatraz, Bay Bridge
Amenities Indoor and outdoor spaces, full-service bar, customizable menus
Accessibility Short boat ride from Pier 39

Landmark Vineyards Kenwood Estate

In the heart of Sonoma wine country, Landmark Vineyards Kenwood Estate is a dream spot for a small wedding. It has both outdoor and indoor areas, making it perfect for any celebration you imagine.

Imagine saying your vows among lush grapevines, with beautiful hills all around. The outdoor spaces offer a romantic feel that captures the spirit of wine country. If you prefer an indoor setting, the elegant tasting room and barrel cellar are cozy choices.

Landmark Vineyards is ideal for small weddings, offering a personal touch for you and your guests. Their team works with couples to make your day memorable in Sonoma’s stunning landscape.

Here’s why this Sonoma gem is special:

Feature Description
Venue Type Winery and Vineyard
Location Kenwood, Sonoma County
Capacity Up to 120 guests
Ceremony Spaces Vineyard lawn, Courtyard
Reception Areas Tasting Room, Barrel Cellar
Amenities On-site coordination, Wine service

Choose Landmark Vineyards Kenwood Estate for a wedding that blends rustic beauty with elegance. Your day will be filled with the flavors and views that make Sonoma famous worldwide.

Verdi Club

Step into the Verdi Club, a hidden gem in SF’s event space scene. This vintage dance hall is perfect for a small wedding. It has a rich history and a charming atmosphere that takes you back in time.

The club’s dance floor is big enough for twirling the night away. Its polished wood shines under warm lights, creating a romantic feel. There are cozy lounge areas for guests to relax and chat.

The Verdi Club stands out for its flexibility. You can change the main room to fit your wedding style, from intimate dinners to lively receptions. The staff is experienced and will help make your dream wedding come true.

Here’s a quick look at what the Verdi Club offers:

  • Historic dance hall with vintage appeal
  • Spacious dance floor for your first dance and beyond
  • Cozy lounge areas for guest relaxation
  • Flexible event space to suit your needs
  • Experienced staff to assist with planning
Feature Details
Capacity Up to 150 guests
Dance Floor Size 1,000 square feet
Bar Service Full bar available
Catering Preferred list or bring your own
Parking Street parking available

The Verdi Club’s charm is in its mix of old-world elegance and modern comforts. It’s a place where memories are made and cherished. It’s perfect for couples looking for a unique SF wedding venue.

The Conservatory At One Sansome

Looking for a unique small wedding venue in the SF Bay area? The Conservatory at One Sansome might be your perfect match. This stunning rooftop space offers a modern twist on traditional wedding venues. It gives you and your guests an unforgettable experience.

Perched high above the bustling streets of San Francisco, the Conservatory boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline. Its glass-enclosed design lets natural light flood the space. This creates a bright and airy atmosphere for your special day.

The venue’s elegant interior perfectly complements its urban surroundings. With sleek furnishings and minimalist decor, you can easily customize the space to match your wedding vision. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a small reception, the Conservatory’s versatile layout can accommodate your needs.

Here’s what makes the Conservatory a standout choice for your SF Bay wedding:

  • Spectacular city views
  • Glass-enclosed rooftop setting
  • Flexible space for ceremonies and receptions
  • Modern amenities and decor
  • Central location in downtown San Francisco
Feature Details
Capacity Up to 100 guests
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor with outdoor views
Catering Preferred list available
Parking Nearby public parking

By choosing the Conservatory at One Sansome, you’ll create lasting memories in a truly unique setting. Your guests will be wowed by the incredible views and sophisticated ambiance. Making your wedding day truly one-of-a-kind.

Testarossa Winery

In the Santa Cruz Mountains, Testarossa Winery is a perfect spot for an outdoor wedding. It blends rustic charm with the beauty of wine country. This makes it ideal for those wanting a small, intimate wedding.

The historic cellars at Testarossa are a dream for weddings. They offer a unique place for your big day. Plus, the outdoor areas have amazing views of the vineyards. This creates a romantic feel for your ceremony and reception.

Testarossa Winery is great for small weddings, offering a personal touch. The staff will help make your event special, matching your style and vision.

Feature Description
Capacity Up to 120 guests
Ceremony Spaces Outdoor courtyard, vineyard overlook
Reception Areas Historic cellars, covered patio
Catering In-house and approved external options
Wine Selection Award-winning Testarossa wines

Choosing Testarossa Winery means a magical wedding in California’s wine country. Your guests will love the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains and the great wines. It’s a place that makes memories last forever.

Farming Hope

Make your wedding day special at Farming Hope, a place in San Francisco that stands out. It’s an urban farm where you can celebrate in a way that helps others. It’s perfect for couples who want their wedding to make a positive change.

Picture saying your vows among greenery in the city. Farming Hope offers a new take on wedding venues. It lets you support a good cause and make memories that last a lifetime.

The venue has spaces for both small and big weddings. You can have farm-to-table meals or let guests try gardening. Farming Hope encourages you to think creatively for your wedding.

  • Support local community initiatives
  • Enjoy fresh, locally-grown produce in your menu
  • Create unique photo opportunities among the urban gardens
  • Offer guests an educational and inspiring experience

Choosing Farming Hope means you’re picking a venue that cares about the future. It’s a place where love and making a difference come together. Let your love story grow in this special spot in San Francisco.

Rengstorff House

The Rengstorff House is in Mountain View and shows off Victorian elegance. It’s perfect for those dreaming of a garden wedding. Built in the 1860s, this mansion has been beautifully restored. It has fancy architecture and old-time furnishings that take you back in time.

The gardens around the house are beautiful for your outdoor wedding. Picture saying your vows under big trees, with flowers all around you. There’s also a big lawn for a tented reception, so you can dance under the stars.

This place is great for small weddings because of its cozy feel. You can make the space your own, whether you want a vintage or modern look. It’s a special place for a memorable day.

Feature Description
Venue Type Historic Victorian mansion
Capacity Up to 100 guests
Outdoor Space Lush gardens and manicured lawns
Indoor Space Period-furnished rooms
Unique Feature Authentic 1860s architecture

Rengstorff House is a mix of history and romance. It’s a top pick for couples wanting a unique, intimate wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mountain Terrace

Mountain Terrace is a hidden gem in Woodside, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It offers a stunning outdoor wedding venue. Surrounded by majestic redwoods, it feels like a fairytale forest.

The venue has panoramic Bay Area views, perfect for your ceremony and reception. If you want an outdoor wedding that’s both rustic and elegant, Mountain Terrace is ideal.

It’s perfect for small weddings, offering an intimate setting. You can say your vows under the redwoods and then celebrate on the terrace with a view.

Feature Description
Capacity Up to 150 guests
Ceremony Location Redwood forest or terrace
Reception Area Outdoor terrace with Bay Area views
Amenities On-site catering, bar service, event coordination

Mountain Terrace stands out for its natural beauty and rustic charm. It’s a top choice for outdoor weddings in the Bay Area. Your guests will love the peaceful setting and the beautiful views, making your day unforgettable.

Piedmont Community Hall

In the East Bay’s heart, Piedmont Community Hall is perfect for small weddings. It has beautiful gardens for outdoor ceremonies and a classy interior for receptions.

Your dream garden wedding comes true here. The lawns and flowers make a perfect setting for your vows. Picture saying “I do” under a rose arbor or by a fountain.

Inside, the hall is spacious and bright, thanks to large windows. The decor is simple, so you can make it your own. It’s great for any reception style, from sit-down dinners to cocktail parties.

Piedmont Community Hall is great for East Bay weddings. It’s flexible, so your day will be beautiful, no matter the weather.


Picture saying your vows in a fairytale setting among tall redwoods. Nestldown is an enchanting spot in the Santa Cruz Mountains for outdoor weddings. It’s perfect for those wanting a close-knit celebration in nature’s embrace.

The venue boasts beautiful gardens and peaceful ponds. Walking down the aisle, you’ll be surrounded by the grand redwoods. It’s ideal for those dreaming of a woodland wedding.

Here’s what makes Nestldown special:

  • Stunning redwood groves for ceremonies
  • Enchanting gardens for cocktail hours
  • Rustic barn for receptions
  • Scenic pond for romantic photo ops
Feature Description
Capacity Up to 200 guests
Season Year-round
Amenities Bridal suite, groom’s room, on-site parking
Catering Preferred vendor list available

Nestldown combines natural beauty with great amenities. It’s perfect for small, intimate weddings in the Santa Cruz Mountains. With its redwood paths and lovely gardens, it offers a magical experience for everyone.

Temescal Beach House

In the heart of the east bay, Temescal Beach House is perfect for small weddings. It has beautiful views of the bay, making it a peaceful place for your big day.

This venue combines natural beauty with historic charm. It has a cozy inside and lots of outdoor space. You can choose to have your ceremony inside or outside, under the sky.

Your guests will love the stunning views of the bay during your ceremony. The venue also has lovely gardens for photos. It’s a great spot for capturing memories.

Temescal Beach House is great for small, intimate weddings. It has spaces that work well for both the ceremony and the reception. This makes your day flow smoothly.

If you want a relaxed yet elegant wedding in the east bay, this is the place. Your guests will always remember the special moments you shared at this beautiful venue.

Hastings House Garden Weddings

In Half Moon Bay, Hastings House Garden Weddings is a dream spot for your big day. It’s ideal for those wanting a small, intimate wedding with stunning ocean views. This hidden gem is perfect for a garden wedding.

The venue’s lush gardens set a romantic scene for your ceremony. Picture saying your vows among colorful flowers and the soft sound of waves. Hastings House lets you celebrate your love surrounded by nature.

This Half Moon Bay gem is great for small weddings of up to 100 guests. It boasts:

  • A historic New England-style house
  • Manicured gardens with ocean vistas
  • Versatile spaces for ceremony and reception
  • Stunning photo opportunities

Hastings House mixes garden wedding charm with coastal beauty. Your guests will love the peaceful setting and the breathtaking views. It’s a magical place for your special day.

Feature Details
Capacity Up to 100 guests
Ceremony Spaces Garden, Oceanfront
Reception Area Tented garden space
Catering Outside vendors welcome
Parking On-site parking available

Hastings House Garden Weddings in Half Moon Bay is a mix of natural beauty and charm. Your dream garden wedding can come true here.

Sequoia Lodge

Sequoia Lodge is a hidden gem in Mill Valley, perfect for an intimate wedding. It’s surrounded by towering redwoods, making your day magical. You’ll feel a deep connection to nature as you step into this outdoor venue.

The lodge has a rustic charm that matches its natural setting. Inside, it’s cozy and welcoming for your guests. It’s ideal for small weddings or elopements, meeting all your needs.

Here’s what makes Sequoia Lodge special:

  • Secluded location amidst redwoods
  • Rustic interior with modern amenities
  • Versatile spaces for ceremony and reception
  • Ample photo opportunities in nature

Picture exchanging vows under redwood trees, with sunlight peeking through. Then, celebrate with your loved ones in the lodge’s cozy dining area. The beauty of nature will make your day unforgettable.

Feature Details
Capacity Up to 100 guests
Venue Type Indoor and outdoor
Season Availability Year-round
Catering In-house and external options

Sequoia Lodge is ideal for couples wanting a nature-inspired wedding in a secluded spot. The beauty of the redwoods and the lodge’s charm will make your ceremony special.

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